ECS Newsletter - September 2009

Plate Cleaner Developments

It has long been ECS’s concept to manufacture and produce multipurpose products allowing our distributors to maintain a small product range.

With the ever increasing development into printing plates along with the growing number of plates available ECS has decided to turn their attentio to producing a new range of plate cleaners which are suitable for the majority of plates and systems available today.

As ECS supply world wide it is imperative to understand what types of plates are used s well as to ensure the end products are suitable for all climates.

The new range of plate cleaners include:

  • EVERYDAY ‐ A General Purpose cleaner suitable for everyday use. It provides good levels of solvency whilst being suitable for positive and negative plates.
  • POWER ‐ A Heavy Duty solution which contains mild abrasives. It is perfect for reviving a stored plate which has proved difficult to restart as well as remove stubborn oxidation.
  • DIGI CLEAN ‐ A CTP / Universal system which is suitable for use with conventional / Thermal (both baked and unbaked) and CTP produced plates.
  • SOLAR ‐ A UV cleaning system providing effective and efficient cleaning.

All of these products have been formulated to aid the optimum ink and water performance on the printing plate.

All plate cleaners have been coloured specifically for ease of use and will be supplied in boxes of 10 x 1 litres.

If you require any samples for testing please contact the team at ECS.

New Packaging

Internal testing has been taking place over the last 3 months evaluating packaging suitable for the launch of the new ECS plate cleaners.

After many storage and chemical tests ECS have found the new PET bottles to provide better strength, life and appearance to that of the current containers.

Big congratulations to Darren Hallett our Technical Service Manager who recently returned home from Spain having passed his AFF Skydiving course. Well done Darren and Blue Skies.

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