ECS Products

The full range of ECS products have been formulated, developed and manufactured at our site in Nottingham.

Our range is designed to suit all distributors, agents, machine manufacturers and Ink companies, whether to support an existing product line or to enable penetration into pressroom supplies.

Here at ECS we have the right product for your market.

Heatset Web Products

The ever increasing demand set upon a Heatset Web printer of lower costs, improved efficiency and higher quality is a requirement further set on the supplier. Here at ECS we have taken such requirements on board and have formulated and formed a full range of products to help complement and support and Heatset Web Print house or supplier to such user.

Download Heatset Web product informationHeatset web PDF

UV Flexo Product Selector

Flexo continues to be a diverse and changing area. To ensure the highest possible finish careful selection of products and materials are needed to achieve the high standards set upon and required by the user. Here at ECS we have taken our knowledge of coatings and chemicals and compiled a core range of products suitable for any distributor to offer worldwide.

Download UV Flexo product selectorUV flexo products PDF

Web-Slip Silicone Emulsions

Silicone emulsions continue to play an important part to the overall process of Heatset Web printing. Here at ECS we have spent time working with users and understanding the actual demand and requirement of a silicone emulsion. For this reason we have introduced the Web-Slip range.

Download Web-Slip range informationWeb slip emulsions PDF

Waterbased Coatings

The core range of ECS emulsion coatings are designed specifically for the modern day machine and will satisfy all print requirements.

Download waterbased coatings informationWaterbased coatings PDF

UV Coatings

ECS makes a constant commitment to supplying and developing a complete range of high performance UV varnishes and lacquers.

Download UV coatings informationUV coatings PDF

Pressroom Chemistry

ECS currently produce a wide range of Pressroom washes for Sheetfed Offset, Heatset Web and Coldset Printers.

Download pressroom chemistry informationPressroom chemistry PDF

Fountain Solutions

ECS have committed to developing a complete range of fountain solution technology to provide optimum performance on press.

Download fountain solutions informationFount solutions PDF

Plate Care

With the ever increasing range of printing plates ECS has formulated 4 key Plate cleaners suitable for even the most demanding plates as well as the key sundry products associated with plate care.

Download plate care informationPlate care PDF

Sundry Products

The ECS range of sundry products helps all agents and distributors to provide the full and complete range of pressroom products to their customers.

Download sundry products informationSundry products PDF