ECS Products

The full range of ECS products have been formulated, developed and manufactured at our site in Nottingham.

Our range is designed to suit all distributors, agents, machine manufacturers and Ink companies, whether to support an existing product line or to enable penetration into pressroom supplies.

Here at ECS we have the right product for your market.

Anti-Bacterial Range

C170 AntiViral Clean and Protect – COVID-19 KILLER The latest product from our range which is designed to kill 99.99% of enveloped viruses - including Coronavirus SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19).

Download Anti-Bacterial RangeDownload Anti-Bacterial PDF

Fountain Solutions

Flexo our DM104 Coldstar Fount we know we have a fully versatile product to suit the majority of demand in Coldset and semi-commercial web offset printing

Download Cold Set Web RangeCold Set Web PDF

Flexo and Gravure range

This range is developed especially for flexographic/ Narrow Web printing to accommodate many common applications as well as others more specialist.

Download Flexo and Gravure range informationFlexo and Gravure PDF

Food Packaging Range

Products tested and accredited according to independent third parties for compliance to European Food Law, for direct (dried and/or fatty foods), and indirect food packaging.

Download Food Packaging informationFood Packaging PDF

Pressroom washes and cleaning solutions

Water miscible washes can be mixed with water at varying ratios to form an emulsion which cleans ink, paper, lint etc in one wash cycle. Non water miscible washes are typically used in a 2-step process, which requires a secondary clean with water to clean all water soluble deposits.

Download Pressroom washes and cleaning solutions informationPressroom washes and cleaning solutions PDF

Screen range

All formulated for use on rotary and/or manual screen printing applications and with options for all screen sizes and to see particular applications.

Download Screen range informationScreen range PDF

Specialist cleaning agents and roller care

Specialist chemistry for cleaning and maintaining printing rollers. All wash off easily with either water or suitable roller wash.

Download Specialist cleaning agents and roller care informationSpecialist cleaning agents and roller care PDF

Sundry products

The ECS range of sundry products helps all agents and distributors to provide the full and complete range of pressroom products to their customers.

Download Sundry products informationSundry products PDF

Founts and water additives

These fountain solutions are most typically utilized on sheetfed offset printing applications with a lithographic dampening system allowing for dosing of fount solution to help control ink/water balance.

Download Founts and water additives informationFounts and water additives PDF

Heatset range

The ever increasing demand set upon a Heatset Web printer of lower costs, improved efficiency and higher quality is a requirement further set on the supplier.

Download Heatset range informationHeatset  PDF

Low Energy range

ECS has been working in conjunction with many printers in the UK and abroad to develop varnishes that are suited to the low energy markets, including Komori H-UV and Heidelberg LE presses, as well as more recently, LED cure varnishes, which use lamps in the wavelength 385nm-405nm.

Download Low Energy informationLow Energy range PDF

OPV product guide

Overprint varnishes (OPVs) are coatings applied to an already printed sheet or web. The primary reasons for applying an OPV are gloss enhancement; stain resistance; rub or scuff resistance; and resistance to discoloration from absorption of impurities in the environment.

Download OPV product guide informationOPV product guide PDF

Plate care

The ECS range of sundry products helps all agents and distributors to provide the full and complete range of pressroom products to their customers.

Download Plate care informationPlate care PDF

UV Varnish Guide

A comprehensive range of UV Curable Varnishes covering the commercial to the high specification to fulfil the needs of any packaging producer.

Download UV Varnish Guide informationUV Varnish Guide PDF

Vantage Range

ECS Vantage range are formulated using specially selected polymeric and resin technology, offering flexibility and excellent all round properties for a variety of applications whilst being highly competitive in the most demanding of printing markets, offering a commercial advantage over other similar products.

Download Vantage Range informationVantage Range PDF

Waterbased coating guide

This is the standard range of products for most applications and caters for all finishes from matt to high gloss, all formulated with good all round properties making the range versatile for different applications and highly competitive in the market.

Download Waterbased coating guide informationWaterbased coating guide PDF