ECS Newsletter - October 2009

Hi and welcome to the October edition of the ECS newsletter.

September has proven to be a very busy month for the ECS team. With the very successful launch of the new ECS plate cleaners the recently installed 1 litre filling line has been run to almost constant capacity. We have been overwhelmed by the interest and sales of the product range have excided our expectations.

September also saw both our MD Neil Fletcher fly off to the "MY Print" exhibition in Chicago and our Technical Service Manager Darren Hallett fly out to South America to support a strong new dealer. Both returned safe bringing with them orders and new leads.

Thankyou to everybody who took the time to see Neil and the hospitality Darren received in South America. Tom Cropper our Export Sales Manager has also been busy in the Far East. Tom has been working with two large distributors who have just placed their first order.

Automatic Plate Wash

Continuing on with the development of plate cleaners our Technical team turned their attention to the automatic plate wash up systems. ECS has been producing a product for some time now however utilizing new raw materials, different technologies and an improved manufacturing process the C206 has made a massive step forward in performance.

C206 provides all the strengths of our plate cleaners but is suitable for use with dedicated machines.

Please contact ECS if you require further information.

Elite Fount Solutions

For the past few months the technical department at ECS has been working to produce a new range of fountain solutions for heatset, coldset and sheetfed applications.

October 2009 brings the launch of the new "ELITE JET STAR Fount". An advanced fount solution designed for Heatset Web printing and to be run alcohol free.

ELITE JET STAR Fount has just obtained FOGRA approval and is one of the first fount solutions to comply with new test procedures outlined by Man Roland.

Further benefits of the ELITE JET STAR Fount are the low level dosage, with the optimum dosage level being between 2 and 2.5%. Other major benefits include "fast start up". Users of this fount have fed back to ECS a start up of between 20 and 30 copies, outperforming many other products.

ELITE JET STAR Fount is suitable for use on all Heatset Web presses and at this time is currently running on a 72 page Lithoman, 1 Rotoman press along with 3 Komori web presses.

Tests are currently underway on the next ELITE Fount Solution. Look out for the November edition of the ECS newsletter where we will launch the New "ELITE COLD STAR FOUNT"

For further information or any advice on the above topics or other products in our range please contact the sales office on +44 (0) 1623 720444 or email us at

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