ECS Newsletter - November 2010

Hello and welcome to the November addition of the ECS News Letter. Much has taken place within the last 10 weeks and last news letter.

ECS has a new member of the team, Robert Glenn. Rob is heading up our Purchasing department along with helping to coordinate new projects for the business. Rob brings a wealth or purchasing experience from the printing industry to ECS and has already become a valuable and respected member of the ECS family. Welcome on board Rob..!

Darren has once again been busy with the export market. In October he spent 2 weeks in New Zealand and Australia supporting both new and existing dealers. The trip was a great success for both ECS and ECS Oceania resulting in a number of large orders and the appointment of a new dealer in the East side. Darren is planning a second trip back out to OZ in April 2011 to follow up on the success and further support the new dealer.

Help Reduce Your Transportation Costs

The export market for ECS has been a contributing factor to some of our major growth over the last 18 months. As such we are constantly working to develop new products or concepts to help support this market. Having had major success with a number of our fountain solutions the formulations have been broken back so that they can be supplied in concentrated form to help reduce transportation costs. Now available is the Chemfix, Elite Cold Star, Elite Jet Star, Elite Sheet Star and Elite Sheet Star AR fountain solutions.

When purchasing such systems transportation costs of these products can be reduced by a minimum of 30%. For further information about these products or concentrates please contact the team via

New Label Legislation in place

New CLP Regulations come in to force as of the 1st December 2010. This regulation effects the format of labels and labelling and material safety data sheets. Communications have been sent out to customers who will be affected by this legislation. For all other customers, over the coming months you will see a revised label template from ECS incorporating the new requirements. This will includ a revised label size and the introduction of red diamonds in place of the orange hazard symbols.

It is the plan of ECS to be a head of the next stage of legislation and with the help of REACH 4 Safety we will ensure we are.

For information or to obtain the services of REACH 4 Safety please visit the website

ECS are currently working on a new range of products to fully complement the Heatset Web application. At present we have the FOGRA certificate fount solutions and sundry products. We plan to include Waterbased and UV Coatings, further washes, silicone emulsions and other consumable products. Look out for next month's Newsletter. If you can't wait that long then please contact us for information –

If you would like to be included in future editions of the ECS newsletter please email