ECS Newsletter - May 2011

New Liquid Matt UV Varnish

ECS are pleased to bring to market our newly developed liquid Matt UV Varnish. Traditional UV matt technology was based around talcs and silicas. These provided the required effect however is prone to separation and aeration.

The new system offered by ECS provides 100% stability, zero separation and no foaming. Along with this the additional benefits include a super matt finish and the product is formulated to be benzophenone free making it suitable for both commercial and packaging sectors.

If you would like to trial this product or require further technical information or pricing please contact

Nitrile Gloves

Many studies have found that nitrile gloves are the most protective offering the best barrier when compared to PVC or Latex materials. Within the pressroom there are a wide range of chemical cleaners and solutions and having the correct glove to use with these materials is key.

At ECS we have selected the correct type of nitrile glove for the industry and can now offer these in a range of sizes including medium, large and extra large.

Introductory or volume prices are available. For more information please contact us.

Neil, Darren and Tom are very busy over the coming month of June with many export trips planed. Neil is off to Italy to see our very long and established dealer Roberto, Darren is attending the Graphitec exhibition in France as well as a possible trip to Turkey whilst Tom is making plans to visit Australia. Safe travels to you all and good success for the trips!

UV Varnishes

UV Varnishes have once again become very popular and the current buzz for the printing industry. With the drive for benzophenone free, low migration and other such properties care really should be taken when sourcing UV varnishes.

With ECS exporting products across the world we receive regular enquiries for lower cost UV varnishes to match the prices offered from that of the Far East. The Technical team within ECS has evaluated and dissected a number or products from this market and have found them to be containing high levels of solvent resulting in strong odour, lower gloss, poor cure and possible danger to the end users.

All ECS UV varnishes are 100% solid, meaning they contain only active materials and no flammable solvent. This is of most importance to ECS and a strategy we adopt to ensure the highest possible quality.

ECS has a full range of UV varnishes for all applications including Flexo, Screen, Web and Packaging. If you require information about these products please contact us via

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