ECS Newsletter - June 2011

The Importance of Cleaning Your Fount System

When working with a customer to change or trial a new fountain solution the most important part of the change is generally missed, the cleaning and flushing of the dosing unit!

Most if not all fount system units contain approximately 60 meters of pipe work where bacteria, algae and calcium can form. Simply dropping the tanks and flushing them with water will not remove this build up. Furthermore this build up can and will affect the new fountain solution resulting in an unsuccessful trial.

This problem is further compounded when trying to reduce the level of alcohol used or when trying to run alcohol free.

To fully deep clean and prepare the system for a fount change is very easy, if you use the correct products.

Here at ECS we have developed high performance effective solutions which kill the underlying bacteria, sterilise the system, decalcify and neutralise the system ready for any new solution.

  • DM250 Fount System Cleaner
  • C705 Calcium Deposit Remover

Deep cleaning a system is something we at ECS recommend doing every 6 months just to ensure the performance and quality of printing is maintained.

If you would like a detailed copy of the ECS Fount System Flush procedure please contact us and we will only too happy to provide.

UV Flexo Products

The latest range of new UV Flexo varnishes have been put together on a new product selector form which can be found on our products page.

The range includes a full complement of products which can be used worldwide for any Narrow Web user.

ECS continue to grow within the export market. At present we are currently dealing with over 50 countries worldwide including France, Spain, Italy, India, Middle East, China OZ, New Zealand and many others.

We would like to thank all of our dealers worldwide for their continued support and business.

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