ECS Newsletter - August 2011

Hello and welcome to the August edition of the ECS Newsletter.

Tracy and Kara

Much has taken place within the last 2 months. We said goodbye to Jodie from UK Sales. We wish her all the best within her new career as a Support Worker. Covering UK Sales is now the role of Kara Lee and supported by Tracy Bostock contactable via

North American map outline draped in Stars and Stripes

Our MD Neil Fletcher is currently working with a partner in North America to set up and establish ECS NA. We hope all will be complete by early October and we look forward to welcoming ECS North America to the ECS Family. Further details will follow in next month's newsletter.

LabelExpo Europe 2011, 28 September to 1 October, Brussels

Darren Hallett will be attending Label Expo in Brussels. If you would like to meet with Darren to discuss anything then please contact him to arrange a meeting –

Troubleshooting - Candling

In a market where time, speed and cost play the controlling factors, problems will always occur. A prime example of this is the age old issue of "Candling".

Candling takes place almost exclusively with UV varnishes and results in the coating flaking off when rubbed or scratched. It can be a common issue found within Trade or Finishing Houses. The problem is focused primarily over heavy areas of ink or sometimes even specialist inks such as metallics. Generally conventional inks are printed and then sealed with either a Waterbased coating or over print varnish. Once sealed the inks drying time increases considerably and any solvents or distillates within the inks are trapped under the coating film. If the same printed sheet is then subsequently UV varnished to quickly the heat from both the UV lamps and exothermic reaction forces the solvents out breaking the bond between the UV varnishes and underlying ink. The end result is a soft and easily removed UV varnish. If scratched by the fingernail both the varnish and underlying wet ink can be seen.

To overcome such an issue prevention is the by far the best cure and will save time and money. Try to ensure the inks used are of the highest strength to retain a low film weight, this is not always possible if varnishing via a Trade Finisher. If, prior to UV varnishing the sheets were coated allow a minimum of 24 hours for the sheets to dry and if possible ensure stack temperatures are kept to a minimum. Also ensuring the stacks are not wrapped will help, and if they can be turned, even better.

If however the problem occurs the only solution is to leave the varnished sheets to fully dry. Depending upon the print design the drying time could increase to as much as 7 days.

For more advice on Candling or any other technical query please contact ECS via

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