ECS Newsletter - August 2010

Welcome to the August addition of the ECS Newsletter. Its hard to believe we are nearing September. Where has 2010 gone? Summer is generally regarded as the quite part of the manufacturing year. This has not proven to be the case for ECS. July 2010 hit record highs for the production and distribution of the ECS product range. This boom in business is a tribute to the success of IPEX 2010 and the hard work of all the ECS Staff.

Both Darren and Neil have been visiting new and existing customers out side of the UK. Neil recently spent 1 week in Durban, South Africa (he was glad he missed the world cup...) and Darren has recently returned home from a trip to Guatemala, Central America and New York.

South Africa has the potential to grow very quickly for ECS and as such Neil was on hand to provide support to the distributor as well as promote the ECS brand with the end users.

Darren's trip was in aid of support for our distributor in Guatemala providing product installation to a number of key users. Darren also spent 2 days in New York with our dealer.

Reusable containers

At ECS we are currently promoting the reusable containers for both the wash and fount solutions for the UK market. Simply put users can benefit from the savings made from not disposing of containers. For our export market the key interest for savings is the fount and wash concentrates. These help to reduce transportation costs. For more information please contact ECS via

The process of thermal lamination has seen a tremendous growth within the last few years. This is partly due to more and more print shops moving such after processes as lamination in house as an attempted to reduce their costs. However such a process can provide issues when used over coated matter due to the reduction of adhesive on the laminated film as well as the reduced level of absorbency the now sealed substrate provides.

Having experienced such issues ECS have developed an emulsion coating which is designed to help improve the adhesion of the laminate when subjected to a thermal process.

W224 works by means of softening when subjected to the thermal process (heat) and intern becomes a secondary adhesive. Results have shown a significant improvement within the process and it has now become the coating of choice for such a process.

Viscosity - what does it mean?

Viscosity is a measure of the resistance of a fluid which is being deformed by either shear stress or tensile stress. In everyday terms (and for fluids only), viscosity is "thickness". Thus, water is "thin", having a lower viscosity, while honey is "thick", having a higher viscosity.

In the Print industry, viscosity is commonly measured with a DIN Flow cup. A flow cup measures the rate of flow of a liquid. The rate of flow can vary depending upon both the flow cup used as well as the temperature of the liquid. A viscosity can double with a change of only 5 °C.

As a point of reference and a comparative chart please see the attached chart as supplied by

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