ECS Newsletter - April 2011

ECS Helps Customers To Go Green

ECS container recyclingThe month of April has seen ECS trial a new scheme involving the collection and recycling of some coating containers. The cost of packaging continues to rise and ECS are now offering to their UK customer base a collection service on all 125kg, 200kg, 600kg and 1000kg containers. Utilising the ECS logistics team containers can be collected and reprocessed at no additional cost to the user or ECS customer.

This can offer a major benefit to the end user by means of either a cost saving from waste container collection or a step in further achieving or maintaining the ISO 14001 standard.

For further details surrounding this scheme please contact us at where we will outline the procedure and requirements.

General News

Plans are in place for our Technical Manager Darren Hallett to attend the up and coming exhibition in France, GRAPHITEC. If you are planning to attend or would like to meet with him please contact us via where we can arrange a time.

Research and Development continues at a pace with the team currently testing and trialing a new super matt Smooth UV varnish. We are hoping to bring you more information next month.

Further sundry products such as ink driers etc are now available. Please contact us for more information.

With REACH playing a larger part nowadays ECS have been working on a new form of Ink Stripper to replace the ever popular Meth Chloride. It is suggested that by the end of 2011 this product will no longer be available for sale and as such the new C321 is an ideal replacement.

This product provides all the cleaning performance and ink solvency the standard ink stripper offers, however it does not contain materials soon to be restricted by REACH. If you would like a sample of the new C321 for trial please contact ECS via

ECS Recycles

The focus for the month of April has been waste and recycling, but not only for our customers. ECS is now working with a specialist recycling company to help ensure the minimum amount of waste and rubbish generated by ECS does not go to landfill.

This for ECS is a twofold operation, firstly, we like everyone else must be aware of how our waste is disposed of and any effects this may have on the environment, it's our planet and we want to look after it. And secondly recycling can be a more cost effective way of disposing of waste when compared to sending matter to landfill. By working in such a way ECS is helping to reduce costs which in turn prevents the need for passing unnecessary increases on to our customers. A benefit to all concerned.

Help reduce the logistics costs of transporting your ECS fount solutions across Europe by considering the ECS concentrates. These products are easy to produce and will help to both save you money and further benefit the environment.

Contact for more information.

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