ECS Newsletter - May 2013

Fount Solutions

Working closely with their customer John Scacco of ECS North America have managed to help a printing company in NYC get rid of their curls.

ECS Nottingham produce a wide range of fount solutions to suit every type of press and are now looking for the future market trends such as alcohol reduction. DM173 Elite Sheet Star AR and DM290 Alcohol Free Fount along with DM159 Sheet fed, DM102 heat set and DM104 cold set founts are working successfully around the world.

DM290 – Prime AF Alcohol Free Fount Solution
  • Specifically formulated to reduce alcohol requirement in the printing process.
  • Suitable for conventional, hybrid and UV inks
  • Formulated to provide high levels of wetting and designed for high speed presses
  • Safe on all types of plates including CTP and Polyester.
Machine / Systems

Formulated for use on both sheet-fed and web presses and is designed to completely eliminate IPA/alcohol from the system. Suitable for use with most modern day plate technology, including CTP and Polyester plates.

Can be used with conventional, hybrid and UV ink systems. We fully recommend conducting a full dampening system flush, empty the tanks, clean all blankets and rollers and plates before using our products, to ensure all potential contamination is removed prior to running our founts. We have a recommended procedure which is available upon request. It is usually recommendable to begin printing with a small quantity of alcohol and gradually reduce the percentage down over time until running at zero alcohol. Storage, Shelf Life and Health and Safety Store in temperatures not exceeding 30°C and not falling below 5°C!

Store on either pallets or racking in order to protect from cold floors.

If left unopened and kept in the correct conditions this product has a shelf life of 12 months. Stir well before use

Labeling: GHS07:

Usage: Will not give rise to any significant hazard provided reasonable standards of industrial practice are maintained. For more information on our range of founts please click on the link Fount Solutions PDF

Additional New Products

C785 UV Anilox Gel

This is the latest addition to our extensive range of cleaning chemicals. This specialist cleaner is designed to deep cleanse the cells of aniloxes using UV inks and varnishes and will help lift and remove even stubborn part dried deposits. C785 is both corrosion inhibited and safe for EPDM rubber materials. Supplied in gel form to cling to rollers, it can be left for long periods to help reinvigorate the anilox roller and due to its low VOC content has little impact on the environment compared to similar high VOC alternatives in the market. This is a highly recommended addition to any UV printers’ maintenance schedule for optimizing printing results on a daily basis.

For more information on our product range please click on the link: ECS Product Range

China Print 2013

Neil and Tom will be attending China Print throughout the duration of the show and will be available for meetings. If you would like to set up a meeting with either Neil or Tom please contact Neil directly on

Spotlight On Quality

Over the coming months we will be moving away from our standard 25lt container onto a new style of container with ridged sides after working closely with our supplier to develop this. This will become the new standard for our 25lt range of containers giving added strength to the side walls when stacking. ECS see this as a vital move going forward as we continue to develop business in hot climates which can affect the side walls of the containers making them softer. The ridges act as a brace stopping the walls from caving in under pressure. We expect to see these coming into the range by the end of June 2013.

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