ECS Newsletter - July 2012

Drupa Reflections

With Neil and Tom returning from Drupa it is time to reflect on the interests and gains from the exhibition. Drupa 2012 brought together ECS and a number of their current partners from all over the world including South Africa, Australia, Romania, Russia, Guatemala and Italy to name just a few. We were also fortunate to meet with a number of new and potential customers all across the world. Many of the regions we targeted and campaigned prior to the exhibition proved valuable and the commercial team are now working hard to focus and develop these opportunities.

One of the product lines and ideas ECS brought to Drupa was the UV blend scheme. In brief the scheme provides 8 raw materials, and when blended at pre specified ratios, produces a number of finished ECS products. Such a scheme enables the customer to hold reduced stocks of finished products, provides greater levels of flexibility in terms of supply, reduces cost prices as well as enables customers to produce UV varnishes specific to there market requirement. Please contact the team via for further information.

Other products and concepts discussed at Drupa included the new Low Migration range of water based coatings, Roller and Blanket Washes and Fountain solutions. ECS's intention is to provide a range of products which complements fully a low migration ink and ensures the overall print process remains LM. At present the ECS products are under strict independent testing and we will keep you informed of the progress the range of products, over the up coming newsletters.

Spotlight On Quality

Prior to the Drupa exhibition ECS had made some significant investments into new equipment to aid the operations and despatch team. After listening to our customers comments we have invested in a container loading ramp. With larger and more regular export orders the ramp enables the team to load safely and securely a full container, thus maximising the volume and space whilst ensuring the goods arrive at the customer in the same good condition that it left us in Nottingham.

ECS continues to develop and invest and will keep all customers, new and existing updated fully via the future newsletters.

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