ECS Newsletter - August 2012

Low Migration Printing

With the demand for low migration coatings, varnishes, washes becoming more apparent particularly within the EU in recent times, we at ECS are currently having a range of suitable products independently tested and certified for food packaging.

These are being tested for low migratory behavior and food contact status and we hope to eventually develop a full range of recommendable products suitable to accompany the low migration inks that many of our customers are developing/have developed as part of a whole package to promote for food associated printing.

There are many factors that can contribute to migration in any food packaging process and we hope to assist in supplying the modern-day printer with products that help reduce contamination risks thus enhancing the confidence printers' can have in the materials they use.

The first two products we have had certified are our LMWB4000 LM Gloss emulsion – a water based gloss emulsion that can be used to print double sided work, and our LMPC1000 Tutis 60 wash – an aliphatic 60 degree flashpoint solvent suitable for many automatic offset presses

Spotlight On Quality

After listening to comments made by our customers ECS have taken a full review of the containers used for washes and coatings. In June we bought in the experts who have advised us on issues such as collapsing walls and solvents effecting labelling.

After the review and trailing various different types of container we have now converted over to a new style of jerrican that eliminates the problems mentioned. In addition to the stronger walls our new containers boast better tamper evident seals.

Welcome to New Staff

Once again ECS is bucking the trend shown by our competitors and strengthening our technical team. We welcome on board Richard Healey who has been appointed as Technical Sales Manager, Richard has a vast experience of the industry after working in many different fields over the last 37 years. Specialist areas of Richards knowledge are in the manufacture of coating, fount and washes where Richard has worked both in the factories and on customers presses assisting to get the products up and running.

For more information on this service please contact Richard on

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